The best bits from Harry Styles and Zane Lowe's interview!

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Tuesday, 17 May 2022, 9:49AM

Thank you Zane Lowe for giving us an hour and 18mins of Harry Styles content!

'Harry's House' is almost here! And it's not a true album rollout without a Zane Lowe interview.

It's been two years since their last catch-up, so the pair have a lot to talk about. We've time-coded and compiled all of the best bits you cannot miss because we <3 you!


Harry Headlining Coachella

They start off by touching on Harry headlining Coachella, his hesitation in saying yes, and how important the crowd is.


Harry reveals his favourite song from 'Fine Line'

Hazza then shares his fave song and the two praise it and pick it apart.


They chat about new single 'As It Was' 

What's the message behind 'As it Was'? Hear it from Harry himself below.


How 'Harry's House' was made

Lastly, if you don't have time to watch the whole interview we definitely recommend hearing about how Harry's upcoming album was made!

We can't get enough of this interview! In fact, we've already watched it four times and Ross Boss if you're reading this yes it counts as working...

The wait is nearly over, 'Harry's House' will drop THIS Friday!

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