Sexologist Morgan Penn shares 5 tips to have a saucy Christmas

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Tuesday, 15 December 2020, 3:55PM

Friend of the show, Sexologist Morgan Penn joined us on the show to give us 5 tips for getting saucy this silly season. 

1. Write a Wish List

"Instead of writing a Wishlist to Santa, you write a sex list for your partner. So you write 5 each, cut it out, put it into a jar and then you each take turns, put your had into the jar, pull out something and... discuss. If you both consent to it, you can try it out." 

Morgan explained that this is a great way to voice your sexual desires if you you're a little shy when it comes to the boudoir. 

"Quite often partners are too afraid to try things out and voice what they might like to try, so this just opens the conversation."

2. Get naked in the kitchen

Morgan suggests that during this time of year, "we're all cooking Christmas treats" anyway, so why not "try doing it nude."

If you don't want to be completely in the buff, "put your apron on... but when your partner comes out and gets a fright, you just act like everything is totally normal."

"When you see that flesh, there's something that kinda happens to the brain. It goes 'ooh sex, great, let me get in on that'." 

3. Have a pitstop

Lots of us will be heading across country visiting family and friends this Christmas, so Morgan suggests taking advantage of the beautiful scenery and adding a little spice to the long car ride.

"You can pull over, have a little pitstop. Take your own blanket if you must, find a little grassy mound...just be at one with nature, we are nature."

4. Surprise them with a saucy present

There's really no better time for gift giving than Christmas, which makes the season "a really good chance to give something to someone you might not normally do. Something like sexy lingerie or a toy that you can both benefit from."

As the gifts may not be suitable to open on Christmas morning with the rest of the family, it's a good idea to have "your own present ceremony the night before."

Check out Morgan's gifts to us here!

5. Bring the kai into the bedroom

Christmas is all about the food, so incorporating it into the bedroom seems like the obvious thing to do. 

"We eat a lot of strawberries this time of year, I'll leave that up to you where you think you might be able to place that on someone's body and eat it. Maybe save some cream from the pav you're making, that's a good thing to lick."

You can follow Morgan Penn on Instagram @Morgan__Penn.



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