Why your Kmart shopping addiction is about to get a whole lot worse...

Publish Date
Thursday, 13 September 2018, 1:28PM

Everyone knows at least one person who has a Kmart addiction. 

Yes, we're looking at you Lucy, now put that rose gold cutlery down slowly...

You can go into that shop and literally come out with enough home decor to restyle your whole house.

That is unless you don't have any cash.

But lack of money will no longer stop your Kmart purchases...

Kmart will soon be introducing the option to purchase your goods using 'Afterpay'. 

Afterpay allows you to pay for your purchase over four equal instalments, due every two weeks.

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You pay your first instalment at the online checkout and your goods are shipped to you right away.

So whilst you may not be lured into the store to go crazy with Kmart goods, your online shopping addiction may just get that much worse... eeek. 

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