Mitch James performs a stripped back version of new single 'motions' in ZM's Acoustic Corner!

Publish Date
Monday, 23 January 2023, 1:16PM

It's been a minute, but... Mitch James is back! 

He joined us in ZM's Acoustic Corner for an intimate take on his new song, 'motions'. 

Off his upcoming sophomore album, 'patience' out now, Mitch knew he had to open this new chapter with this tune. He describes 'motions' as 'the inevitability of losing yourself on the way to finding yourself'.

After a tough 4 years of dealing with health issues, roadblocks and COVID-19, it only seemed right to create a song exploring 'that willpower to see it through and stick it out to the other side'.

The song itself is structured to perfection. Beginning soft, then transitioning into a chorus that packs a punch, both instrumental and vocal. It's no secret that Mitch James is a wizz on the guitar, and in our stripped back version you get to see firsthand, how slick he really is... (the ZM office was in awe). 

We're stoked Mitch is back making music, and it only felt right to have one of our faves debut ZM's Acoustic Corner - watch it above!

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